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Hey! I send out copywriting hacks, business ideas, and stuff that gives you a competitive advantage over others....every week....via email.

1 hour copywriting consult with Neville


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If you want all the experience I've accumulated over the years applied directly to what you're working on at the moment....this 1 hour consult is a damn-good deal for your money.  


Most of the people I encounter who already run a business 



You can use this 1 hour to...

  • Review your existing copy.
  • Re-write a webpage.
  • Craft an email.
  • Write a book chapter.
  • Write blog posts.
  • Jazz up your presentation.
  • ....basically anything that requires writing.  


How it'll work

We'll hop on a phone call or Google Hangout (this is best so we can share our screens), and we'll write copy together on a Google Document.  We'll be on the same document, so we can both see what the other is writing.  This has been the absolute BEST way I've found to do consults.....almost like being in the same room.  


Why use Neville?

I got experience man!! Over the years I've written thousands of things, and wrote copy that has sold millions of dollars of stuff, so I kind of have a "sixth sense" for what's engaging and what's not.  

NOW....just because I write a certain way, doesn't mean I'll make YOU write exactly the same.  I make sure your writing is INFORMATIVE and descriptive, the tone can still be yours.  



The benefits

If I can re-word your copy and increase your conversions by even a few percentage points, imagine what that can do for your sales over the lifetime of your product!  

I also know a very healthy share about good website design, what elements work, and what doesn't.  I can save you from making huge mistakes on your pages, and how to simplify them for more sales.  

So not only are you getting my copy expertise, you're getting my web design knowledge, business knowledge, SEO knowledge, and conversion rate knowledge all in one.  

Not to mention if there's something that needs changing, I'll physically go in and help you change it right on the call.  Whether it's some Photoshopping, changing minor code, installing analytics, or writing....we're getting it done ON THE SPOT....TOGETHER!